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Islandeady Community Development Company AGM! The Islandeady Community Development Company CLG will hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on this Tuesday Night 4th Aug at 8:30pm in the Community Centre. This is the Board of Directors AGM and all Directors are requested to attend.
Glenisland Community is now on Facebook! The Glenisland Community is now on Facebook with all local news, events and updates. You can find the page on facebook as 'Glenislandcommunity'. Please Like & Share for regular updates. Likewise, the Islandeady Community is on facebook under the name 'Whats on in Islandeady'. Like & Share for regular updates also.
Pilgrimage on Lough Derg's lakeshore A new pilgrimage on Lough Derg's lakeshore - Walk and Pray in the Lough Derg tradition on 16, 18, 22, 26 & 30 August. At times in the 1600's and 1700's when Station Island was closed by the Penal Laws, pilgrims undertook a form of pilgrimage on the lough shore. Walk in their footsteps. Contact 0 (0353) 71 9861518 or Numbers limited.
Volunteers needed for Public Masses in Islandeady/Glenisland! Public Mass will be celebrated in Glenisland Church on Saturday the 4th of July at 7pm. Public Mass will be celebrated in Islandeady Church on Sunday the 5th of July at 11am. These times will be the same for the following weekends. A number of Parishioners have volunteered to assist in organising the safe use of the churches. We need more volunteers to assist with the stewarding in churches & the cleaning of the buildings. For both churches the number of people who will be able to enter the Church will be limited. Admission will be based on a first come principle. For those who cannot enter the church because of limited space Mass may be heard from outside the Church via the Public address system. There will be no Mass Servers for the coming number of months. To start with Holy Communion will not be distributed. Holy water will not be available in the churches. Votive candles will not be available immediately before or after Mass. The toilets will not be available for use before, during or after Mass. Baptism, Funerals, and Weddings will be celebrated over the coming months. No other public function will be organised in either church over the coming months.
Pastoral visits to the sick and housebound Pastoral visits to the sick and housebound are an important part of Parish life. Anyone who was receiving a pastoral visit by the Priest before the outbreak of the virus and would like to receive the Sacraments again needs to contact the Priest and make the necessary arrangements. It is very important that we all take care of each other and that every effort is made to protect public health while attending church.
Dept of Heritage & Culture grant - Thank you! Thanks to Minister Michael Ring TD for the announcement of €5,000 from the Dept of Heritage & Culture towards the ongoing repair work of the Obelisk on the Browne Estate in Rahins, Islandeady. This grant money has been obtained through the Historic Structures Fund.
Masses on TV and Radio Masses are available on TV RTE News now daily at 10:30am (Saorview 21) and RTE 1 on Sundays at 11am. ETWN 6pm, Sky Channel 588 and Radio Maria daily at 10am, Saorview Radio channel 210. Mass is also broadcast on Midwest Radio every Sunday, Wednesday & Friday mornings at 10am.
Islandeady/Glenisland Parish Newsletter revamp! The Islandeady/Glenisland Parish Newsletter has had a revamp & the new layout will be trialled for the remainder of 2020. All feedback & suggestions is welcome, you can contact Liam on 087 1361895 or email
Trocaire As you know, it has not been possible to gather this year's Trocaire collection in the usual way & yet the important work TrĂ³caire does & projects it supports continue despite the pandemic. Parishioners may return their contributions in the coming weeks. If possible kindly convert the contents in their Trocaire box to notes and deliver them to the Parochial House, Islandeady or the Presbytery in Glenisland. Alternatively people can post a cheque.
Islandeady 2020 Yearbook/Magazine COVID-19 The Community Council want to document the events of the year related to the Corona virus lockdown. It's a major event in world history so it's important to record it from a Parish/Community perspective. Were you off school, college or work? Were you working in a different way? Maybe you were confined to the house? Had you a major event planned and couldn't go ahead with it? Are you a frontline worker? Were your sporting or social outings curtailed? Did you volunteer to help others? Did you do something new or learn a new skill? Why not write out the effect it had on your life and the lifestyle changes you had to make. Stories, poems & pictures welcome from all age groups. Email items to
A Parish Prayer

Lord, bless our parish community at this difficult time.

Give me patience with myself and others so that I will not make these times any more difficult than they already are.

Grant me the ability to acknowledge my fears so that I will not hide from acting in a responsible manner.

Give me courage to overcome any selfishness that hinders any concern for others.

Grant me the grace to reach out to others by safe means and in a helpful way.

Give me courage when I am feeling lonely and the knowledge that isolation is a good thing for now and that I am never fully alone.

Grant me the gifts of kindness, patience and love.

Give me your blessing: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Prayer Garden in St. Patrick's Church Islandeady The Prayer Garden in St. Patrick's Church Islandeady remains open as a place of Private PRAYER & REFLECTION. Pop in anytime, light a candle & pray for your intention in peaceful surroundings.
Fr. Brennan available to meet any individual BY APPOINTMENT As it is impossible to implement the present protocol of social distancing in both churches of the parish, therefore it is not possible to hold any public function in the church under the present circumstances. Fr. Brennan remains available to meet any individual BY APPOINTMENT in Saint Aidan's Room while observing and maintaining all the health and safety protocols of social distancing. If you wish to make an appointment with Fr. Brennan you can contact him at (087) 1962 674.
Faith Resources! Monica Brown is the Director of Emmaus Productions. They provide music and other audio visual resources, which enable children, youth and adults to connect with their faith. In response to the present virus crisis and the closing of our churches for Easter, Monica has kindly offered to make available much of her material free of charge to anyone who wishes to log on to the link below. They are very inspiring and should be of benefit to both adult and young people at these challenging times for our faith communities.
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Islandeady GAA

Islandeady GAA
Islandeady GAA Lotto: Draw held on Sun 23rd February - Numbers drawn: 19/ 26/ 27/ 29. No Winner. €40 winner: John Drury / €30 winners: Margaret Healy, Gerry Walsh & Eileen Durkan. Next Draw will be held next Sunday 8th March at 8:30pm in the Key West. Jackpot is €5,950.

For all Islandeady GAA News, see

Islandeady Cycling Club

Islandeady Cycling Club

Indoor Cycling Fitness Classes for Beginners

The islandeady cycling club, based at their clubhouse in Jack's old cottage Islandeady. Islandeady CC are fortunate to have a 12 bike specialized indoor cycling equipment, which runs the Zwift training system that allows individualized training programs based on your current bike fitness.

Each class is made up of small groups of 12 and led by two instructors and is held indoors in islandeadys state of the art digital bike training facility. Please contact Ray on 087 7499530 or drop an email to

Proposal to close Church Road (Cloonan) in Islandeady It is proposed to close the Church Road (Cloonan) in Islandeady from the top of the road down to the Church for approx 9 months starting from the 11th Aug. A representation of people from the Community Council, Islandeady Church, Islandeady GAA, Cloggernaugh N.S, Local Business people & residents met with representatives from Wills Bros. Ltd & Mayo Co. Co. This road closure has been postponed temporarily until Wills Bros. Ltd come back to the group with an alternative to mitigate the impact of the road closure.
Glenisland Development Company on-line fundraising event! The Glenisland Development Company is starting off their first on-line fundraising event ever with their annual Cow Pats Lottery Competition on Sunday 30th Aug. This year with a twist we are LIVE STREAMING all the intense action. Tickets are €5 each & there is only 500 entries. Prize of €300 available. Tickets available online at our website
Islandeady Community Council meeting! Islandeady Community Council meeting takes place next Monday Night, August 10th at 8pm in the Community Centre.
Glenisland/islandeady Public Masses - new system! GLENISLAND: Mass 7pm: The Church will open at 6.30pm on Saturday. Parishioners are asked to follow the guidance of the ushers in the Church and go to the seat as indicated. All are asked to fill the Church from the front to the back. Holy Communion will be distributed in the Church porch as people are leaving the Church. The Church will be CLOSED on Saturday Evening after Mass and remain closed all day Sunday. In the event of a funeral the Church will be closed after the funeral Mass and remain closed for the rest of that Day.

ISLANDEADY: MASS 11am: The Church will open at 10.30am on Sunday. Parishioners are asked to follow the guidance of the ushers in the Church and go to the seat as indicated. All are asked to fill the Church from the front to the back. Holy Communion will be distributed in the Church porch as people are leaving the Church. The Church will be CLOSED on Sunday after Mass and remain closed all day Sunday and Monday. In the event of a funeral the Church will be closed after the funeral Mass and remain closed for the rest of that Day.

Holy Communion will be distributed to the faithful into their hand ONLY.

Apologies to all for the changes in church closure times, however this is a necessary precaution in the interest of Public Health of our parishioners & all who use our churches.
Booking an Anniversary Mass? Anyone wishing to have an anniversary Mass for their deceased relatives and friends should do so in writing and place it in the church collection basket. Please provide your name and phone number. You may also book Masses by Phone, Text or E-mail. As both Sacristies are small and it is not possible to practise recommended social distancing in them, all are asked to refrain from entering the Sacristy before or after Mass. People should feel free to use gloves and or masks if they wish to wear them.
Searching for a long lost relative! Is there anyone out there who could help me find a long lost relative? I am looking for a Thomas Ruane, born 1917 in Townyeena to Michael and Mary Ruane. Michael and Mary Ruane are buried in Glenisland churchyard I believe. I know that Thomas will be dead now as will his siblings but if there are any living relatives or friends of the family that can help me and tell me anything at all about Thomas' life I would be eternally grateful. I know that there may be several Thomas Ruanes born around 1917. The one I am looking for left Ireland at some point as he was working in England in Staffordshire in the late 1940's. Please please help! Thank you. Patricia Lis email
First Holy Communion - alternative arrangements! First Holy Communion was to take place in May but had to be cancelled. Alternative arrangements will be made with the schools for new dates for First Communion once the students return to school. We keep these children in our prayers as they prepare for this Sacrament.
Empty Ink Cartridges for a Worthy Cause! If anyone has any empty ink cartridges they can be sent to Collette Moran, Drimneen, Islandeady. Collette is doing this for a worthy cause & all support is appreciated.
Ongoing Generosity and Support to the Parish - Thank You! Sincere thanks to so many for your ongoing generosity and support to the Parish over the past three months when C19 changed our lives and the way we worship and pray. Recently the printers have returned to work and they are preparing the new set of collection envelopes and I expect that they will be delivered in the coming week. Once the envelopes have been delivered and labelled arrangements will be made for their distribution in the Parish. Some people have expressed an interest in supporting the Parish via direct debit. If you choose to do so the details are contained below; ACCOUNT TITLE: Islandeady Glenisland Parish ACCOUNT NUMBER: 11650471 BRANCH ADDRESS: Castlebar, County Mayo IBAN: IE53 BOFI 9037 4411 6504 71 BIC: BOFIE2D NSC: 90-37-44
Used Postage Stamps Sought! If anyone has any used postage stamps with 1cm paper around the stamp, please forward to Concepta Moran, Drimneen, Islandeady. For a worthy cause!
Church Weekly Collection and Envelopes - Standing Order Form Every possible measure has been taken to reduce parish expenditure and yet keeping the churches open, clean and safe for all to use for private prayer and reflection during the day. Yet there are ongoing expenses which cannot be eliminated. To keep the churches open and functioning and available for the future depends on the ongoing generosity of the people of the parish.

Anyone may make a donation to the parish at any time; envelopes may be placed into the letterbox of the Parochial house in Islandeady or the Presbytery in Glenisland. If you are using your own envelopes please put the number from your Church Collection Envelope on it so that we can claim the Tax Back as this forms an important part of parish income.

Alternatively you may set up a standing order with your Bank making a weekly or monthly donation once again it is important that you let us know your envelope number so that the tax may be claimed back. There is a Direct Debit Mandate available on the website which you may complete and send to your bank, the printed version of Direct Debit Mandate is also available in both Churches.
Islandeady Glenisland Churches Open as Usual Saint Patrick's Church Islandeady and Holy Rosary Church Glenisland remain open at the usual times, when possible the doors will remain open so that people may enter and exit without touching the doors. In Saint Patrick's Church a candle remains burning on the altar all day representing the prayers of all the people of the Parish before the Blessed Sacrament.
COVID-19 - Are you Thoughtful? Are you Thoughtful? Some elderly & housebound parishioners in Islandeady & Glenisland have remarked how very much they appreciate it when a neighbour or family are thoughtful enough to bring them a copy of the weekly Sunday Bulletin ... & how much it helps to keep them in touch with life in the parish especially now with the Covid 19 restrictions. So... are YOU Thoughtful?
COVID-19 Support Line for Older People - ALONE has launched a national support line and additional supports for older people who have concerns or are facing difficulties relating to the outbreak of COVID-19 (Corona virus). Professional staff is available to answer queries and give advice and reassurance where necessary. The support line is open Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm, by calling 0818 222 024. Hours may be extended to meet the demand.
Radio Maria Ireland is at your disposal Radio Maria Ireland is at your disposal in this current moment of challenge for the faithful in Ireland. We are broadcasting 24 hours each day according to our threefold mission of prayer, catechesis and human formation. Daily Mass will be aired at 10am each day from our studio chapel, including Sundays for those who would like to tune in. Radio Maria Ireland is to be found on television - Saorview, Channel 210 or by downloading our free app for mobile devices - Radio Maria Ireland
Parishioners in Hospital If there is parishioners in Hospital or Nursing Homes at the moment and would like a visit from the priest, please call Fr. Chris on (087) 1962 674.
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