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Bilberries Community Playgroup Islandeady

Mission Statement of Group:
The aim of our Playgroup is to provide a Child friendly service.  We do this by providing a service where all children are included and all stages of development are covered.
Brief History:
Bilberries Community Playgroup was established in September 2004 by a group within the Community Council who were interested in a playgroup service.  The playgroup operates five days a week in the main hall of the Community Centre from 9.30am-12.30pm.  An after school service was established in September 2006 at a nearby School from 2.00pm - 5.00pm.  Our playgroup and after school group has been a great success as a result of the active participation of staff, parents and children of the community.
The playgroup had an induction night for new parents in May 2007 to discuss policies and procedures of the playgroup.  This went excellently, it was good for new parents to meet the staff of the playgroup and each other and have a cuppa.  We organised a Cèili night in September 2006, a Cinema day out, a trip to the fire Station and library in Castlebar.  A playgroup tour to Westport house in June ’07.  All events were a great success. In September 2012 the Playgroup moved to the Purpose built facility beside Cloggernaugh National School        

Contact: Cora McGuire (Playgroup Leader) 087 0539813

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