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Cogaula National School

Cogaula National School (St. Columba's)
Location: Cogaula, Islandeady, Westport, Co. Mayo
Purpose of Facility/Mission Statement of the School:
Cogaula N.S. continually strives to meet and achieve the highest educational standards required for our pupils and their parents. As educators, we believe that all students have the right to an education, that is varied and balanced, and within the guidelines set down by the Department of Education. As teachers, it is our aim to educate the children to the best of our abilities and with the guidance of God, the children will grasp the religious, moral, social, physical and academical understandings of a good education and of a good life. We encourage our pupils to find their own strengths and leave them with happy memories of school life.

Brief History of the School Facility:
In the spring of 1838, Rev. Mathias McMahon P.P. of Islandeady requested to have a school built in Cogaula. This was to be the start of education in this area. He received a grant of £100 to build the school, the local contribution to be £50. The school was to be open on 6 days from 10am to 4pm, catering for around 200 children. How fortunate for today’s scholars that times have changed! The word “cogala” means spinning camps, places where spinners met for spinning. Flax was grown and spun in Cogaula at the turn of the 20th century and the weaving of linen was done locally also. From all this activity sewing and knitting was taught in the school to the students and this tradition is carried on to the present day. Our present school was built in the 1950’s to provide an education in comfortable and modern surrounds. We are a three teacher school with over 50 pupils on the roll book and a part-time learning-support/resource teacher.

Achievements Associated with the School Facility:
Cumann Na mBunscol Div V winners 2006
Annual sale of work and proceeds donated to charity
Our School was awarded our first Green Flag from An Taisce in 2004
Forty vests knitted by pupils which was sent to Mother Teresa during her appeal for warm vests for poor children a few years ago
Regular participants and winners in the Westport Credit Union Quiz
Received grant from Dept. of Education for extension to school which was completed in 2009.
Contact: Pádraig Rowan (Principal
Tel: 098-26109

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