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Islandeady Community Futures

Islandeady Community Futures - 2006 to date
The Community Futures Programme was conducted in Islandeady in the Spring of 2006. The structure of this programme was provided with the help of the Small Town and Rural Development Group of Scotland. Local support was provided by Mayo County Council, LEADER, Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, VEC and the Mayo County Community Forum. The main structure of this project was based on a series of discussions, surveys and interviews of community members to determine the current state of Islandeady, its future needs and how those needs could be prioritized and met. With the assistance of the Islandeady Community Futures Steering Group, all of these needs were assessed and culminated in a three year plan for the community. The focus of this plan was determined by the top five likes and top six dislikes of the area:
The Likes:                                                                                     The Dislikes:
Community Spirit                                                                            Road Conditions
The Environment                                                                            Lack of Care for Environment
Community Facilities & Organizations                                            Lack of Facilities for Young & Old
Location & Accessibility                                                                  No Local Shop
Church                                                                                            Poor Public Services
                                                                                                        No Centre
Along with assessing what needs to be improved within the Parish, the Futures Programme highlighted the strengths of the area. These included the number of local businesses in operation in Islandeady, the overall community pride of the parish and also the undeniable determination and motivation of its community members to drive forward towards success.
Islandeady Community Futures Steering Committees:
After the final compilation of all the information during the Community Futures project, the Community Council appointed five subcommittees to work to fulfil the needs discussed during the project. These groups have been formed as of May of 2007 and include:
Islandeady Caring Services Action Committee:
The purpose of the Caring Group is to develop the care services for community members of all ages. 

Their top priorities are:                                 
  1. Develop Childcare Provision
  2. Improve Care and Services for the Elderly
  3. Improve Local Access to Health Services
  4. Research and Take Action on Other Local NeedsHeritage and Environment Action Committee:
Islandeady Environment, Heritage & Walks Group:
The purpose of the Heritage and Environment Group is to make the most of Islandeady’s heritage and environment by preserving its important resources and historical landmarks.

Their top priorities are to:
  1. Protect and Enhance the Lakes and Rivers
  2. Develop Lakes and Rivers for Recreation
  3. Develop a Local Paths Network
  4. Develop Heritage Interpretation and FacilitiesBusiness and Tourism Action Committee:
Islandeady Business & Tourism Group:
The purpose of the Business and Tourism Group is to support and develop business and tourism within Islandeady based on its current assets and resources. Their top priorities are to:
  1. Support Existing Local Businesses
  2. Explore Opportunities for New Local Business VenturesPlanning and Development Action Committee:
Islandeady Planning & Development Group:
The purpose of the Planning and Development Group is to encourage community sensitive planning and development to focus on overcoming local challenges in a way that will preserve the basic values of the community.

Some of the top priorities of group are to:
  1. Lobby for the Maintenance of the Environment by Making Wise Zoning and Planning Decisions
  2. Find Ways to Develop a Centre to the Area
  3. Take Action to Improve the Safety of Traffic in the Parish
  4. Research the Potential of Re-opening the Railway Station in IslandeadyCommunity Facilities Action Committee:
Islandeady Community Facilities:
The purpose of the Community Facilities Group is to develop community facilities to give community members the opportunity to join together in public venues which cater to their needs.

Their main priorities are to:
  1. Develop Outdoor Recreation Areas
  2. Enlarge or Develop a New Community Centre
  3. Erect a Community Notice Board.
These committees have been in operation for over 5 years, and it is already evident that they have already accomplished wonderful things for Islandeady! Based on the previous actions of Islandeady’s community members, it seems completely plausible that the proposed needs will be met with the help of many devoted individuals.
The key to Islandeady’s success is in its goals, hopes and dreams! Islandeady truly is "a caring community moving in unity".

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