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Islandeady I.F.A.

Irish Farmers Association (IFA)  in Islandeady
Farming and the agricultural sector has played an integral part of our rural life in this parish. Although there have been great changes in this sector over the last 25 years, farming is still an important part of the local economy in Islandeady. Today, there are approximately 250 farm holdings in the parish, all family orientated, and contrasting this figure with that of 25 years ago, it reflects a 50% drop in the number of farms in Islandeady in that period.

In the past, practically every family would have depended on farming for their livelihood. Today the main source of income for many farmers in Islandeady is through the rearing of cattle, sheep and the production of silage and hay, but, in today’s changing world, it is stressed not to be over dependant on these sources. As a result, farmers with herd numbers have an option to become employed in Islandeady’s Rural Social Scheme, which serves to assist with the enhancement of the local area. Modern mechanisation has put paid to the slavery of former times, yet it has also done away with the co-operation that was a necessity amongst farmers of previous generations. Due to work off the land, the clock rules lives, but the generous community spirit amongst the farming community in Islandeady guarantees that no farm holder is literally, up in a heap!!

It is estimated that 67% of the land in Islandeady is used for rough grazing of cattle and sheep and 20% is suitable for tillage, which includes silage and hay. From Coillte figures, indications are that the remaining 13% of the land is covered in forestry! Cornagushlane Wood, which covers 10 acres of land, contains 500 year old oak trees and could be described as a “woodland museum” and a unique resource in the area.

On the 14th July 1995, the farming scene in Islandeady was, not surprisingly, placed in the media spotlight when our local farmer, Padraic Joyce and his family, won the prestigious “Family Farm of the Year” award. The Annual National award, organised by the Agriculture Science Association, is deemed to promote efficiency, safety, enterprise, development and environmental protection at farm level. The Joyces’ run a mixed dairy farm which they have developed into an efficient enterprise. This achievement has laid the foundation for improved and modern farming practices amongst the farming community in Islandeady.
The future of farming in Islandeady is looking GREENER!!!

There is many members of the Islandeady Farming Community involved in the local branch of the IFA. We attend Rallys, Ploughing Championships, IFA Regional and National Meetings and all other activities and events associated with farming. The Chairman of the Mayo IFA is Paul Joyce from Keelogues, Islandeady.

Contact: Martin Joyce (Chairman)
              Matt Fahey   (Secretary)
              Paddy Staunton (Treasurer)

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