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Islandeady Ladies Club

Islandeady Lady’s Club
Mission Statement of Group:
The main focus of the Islandeady Lady’s Club since its creation has been the betterment of the plight of others, and to achieve as much as we can for the club and for the community
Brief History:
The Islandeady Lady’s Club was formed in 1987. Since its creation, it has been an excellent resource for local women who would like to expand their horizons and enjoy great company in the process. Even though the Lady’s Club focuses on many different things at their meetings, some regularly supported events have been the women’s mini-marathon in Dublin, fundraising for the Mayo/Roscommon Hospice and Western Care.
Current Goals and Achievements:
We have completed a wide range of classes and activities, ranging from cookery, dancing, art, flower arranging, gardening, first aid, parenting skills, self-defence, assertiveness and many more.

We meet every Tuesday Night at 9pm in the Community Centre. 

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