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Islandeady Pioneers Group

Islandeady Pioneer Association
Mission Statement of Group:
The main goals of the Pioneer Association are to encourage our younger people to live and enjoy life without the use of alcohol or drugs and to support those who have already made the commitment of becoming Pioneers.
Brief History:
The Islandeady Pioneer Association was orginally founded in 1951 and was reformed in 2005 after being lapsed for a number of years. The Pioneers meet at the Community Centre every 5 to 6 weeks. One unique thing about the group is that they have a senior group as well as a junior group which encompasses ages from 8 to 16 years. Some usual activities of the group include organizing table quizzes, sports activities, essay competitions and one day outings.
Current Goals and Achievements:
Islandeady Pioneers have been presented with the Gradam Award twice since they were re-formed. This is an award given to centres who have worked hard during the year to promote the awareness of drink and drug abuse, and can provide an alternative lifestyle.


Ann McCormack        (094) 9022576 / (087)1224307
Bernadette Walsh      (094) 9027254 / (087) 9870170
Peter Staunton           (087) 8324252
Caroline McLoughlin  (087) 9324646

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